Software Services


Finsterle GeoConsulting considers numerical simulation software an essential tool for the understanding, design, characterization, prediction, and engineering of subsurface systems. In addition to applying advanced simulation-optimization techniques, Finsterle GeoConsulting offers the following software development and support services:

  • Development and customization of multiphysics numerical tools based on the TOUGH suite of nonisothermal multiphase flow and transport simulators.

  • Development and customization of inverse modeling, sensitivity analysis, uncertainty quantification, and data-worth analysis techniques based on the iTOUGH2 simulation-optimization framework.

  • Development and customization of pre- and post-processing tools (download Fortran source code).

  • Troubleshooting and support in the use of TOUGH.

Simulated pressure response to water injection into fractured reservoir containing multiple fluid phases

iTOUGH2 simulation-optimization framework

iTOUGH2 simulation-optimization framework