Welcome to Finsterle GeoConsulting


Finsterle GeoConsulting provides numerical modeling services to support the characterization, prediction, and management of hydrogeological systems in the areas of geothermal reservoir engineering, nuclear waste isolation, water resources management, and environmental remediation.

We use advanced concepts and simulation-optimization tools to:

  • Improve predictions by science-based modeling and simulation.

  • Enhance reservoir characterization by multiphysics joint inversion of diverse data sets.

  • Lower exploration risks by early assimilation of available data during conceptual model development.

  • Augment resource and risk assessments by advanced uncertainty quantification.

  • Streamline reservoir operations by multiobjective optimization.

  • Reduce costs of testing and monitoring by data-worth analysis.




Simulation & Analysis




Advanced multiphysics simulations of nonisothermal, multiphase, multicomponent fluid flow and transport.

Multiphysics joint inversion for parameter estimation, including sensitivity, uncertainty, and data-worth analyses.

Advanced application, development, customization, support, and training of iTOUGH2 simulation-optimization software.