Licensing and Download

Some utility programs can be downloaded for free (see License Agreement). Typically, the (Fortran) source code is provided, i.e., the user has to compile the source code to obtain a platform-specific executable.

Only very limited user support can be provided for installing and running these programs. 


AddBound  Connects all elements in a user-specified region to a single (boundary) element.

AssignRock  Assigns material names to elements within a user-specified region.

DeleteElements  Deletes all elements and related connections in a user-specified region.

Eos9Eos3  Converts SAVE from EOS9 to INCON for EOS3.

EXT  Extracts variables from TOUGH output file for plotting with Tecplot visualization software.

MINC2MESH  Splits a MINC file containing a multi-continuum grid into separate MESH files, one for each continuum.

MoveMesh  Adds constants to X-, Y-, and Z-coordinates.

Perm2Mesh  Inserts log-permeability field values from coordinate-log(k) file as permeability modifiers into columns 41-50 of TOUGH mesh file.